Laura A. – Fullerton Free Member

Thanks for teaching truth in New Community.  You encouraged me to continue to pursue opportunities to disciple others and to make sure I’m consistently being discipled, also.  And thanks for you commitment to provide areas of discipleship within our church!

Ryan Griffith and Seth Magnuson – The Gospel Coalition


Chief Steve Sentman


Natasha Coyle – Pre School Staff

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Dan Long – former EvFree Elder

From: Dan L
Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2017 4:30 PM
To: John Schaefer
Subject: Ears to hear

John, I saw your mug this morning on the ears to hear so I had to read. It, I don’t always, but I wanted to know what Schaefer had to say today. I was so glad to read a commentary that was raw and open about your experience because, well, that is reality.  Thank you for sharing your life experience with us today, it helped to strengthen my resolve as a believer.

Your friend,
Dan L

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Jim Litchfield – former EvFree Elder


New Members Class Attendee


Jordan Fox – Well Manager


Kirsten Patterson – Adult Fellowship Teaching Leader

Kirsten Thank You

Austin and  Irene Drissen – Mercy House Directors

Mercy House Thank You